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After my parents divorced, my father moved to Los Angeles. His job transferred him there and the position paid really well. I’d spend summers with him in the valley and I always had a blast. He was more of a friend than a father and he let me get away with all kinds of stuff while I visited. My mother doesn’t know the half of it.

There were valley girls all over the place, but I never had any luck with them. Even though my father had money and always bought trendy clothes for me during my visits, I still stood out as an outsider and they treated me like I wasn’t good enough. I both hated those girls and really wanted to have sex with them. I had a great girlfriend back home that I was always happy to get back to, but I would have cheated on her in an instant and risked everything with her for a chance with one of those rich bitches.

There weren’t any black girls in those circles. So when I found a porn site all about black valley girls, I was excited to check it out. Save $15 with a discount to Black Valley Girls to see their take on it. It’s smoking hot content.

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