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The thing about models is the obvious fact that you and many of us are lusting over the most perfect one that we can find. I also know that we all have different tastes in them and obviously we also have that one of a kind model that we call our favorites.

While I don’t necessarily believe in perfection all I need to do to see it is take a little look at Lily and I get it on every possible level. I could take a look here and in no time I’d be living the dream and doing it in a way that makes me feel those special things that we all desire. Take this chance to maybe read a few pornstar bios and learn all about those girls that give you so much and on a daily basis. I feel it is the very least that you can do for them considering everything that they do for you!

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When a buddy of mine was bragging about all the Oculus Quest porn that he’s been finding I started to wonder if he was telling the truth. Maybe he found a guide that showed him how to do it? I guess that does make sense.

I know one thing, I love my VR porn and I also love being able to get as much of it as I want. Every so often I’ll play a few VR Porn games just for something a little bit different but yet still totally sexy. There seems to be a great range of games to play on VR and they sure do feel very realistic.

I’ll do just about anything to make the time pass even quicker, more so when the day that I am having isn’t exactly going to plan. I feel as though I might as well get a little enjoyment while I can!

Blogged Under: Porn Vids & Pics

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